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All About Us

Bush is a unique, down-to-earth CBD wellness range born in the heart of SouthAfrica. Locally rooted in Cape Town, Dacha started life in the cultivation sector & as an extension, we have created the BUSH Range of CBD-infused wellness products, providing customers with the nourishment and numerous benefits of CBD healing powers. ​

Bush is an acronym for our pinnacle and core value - 'Be U - StayHealthy". We aim to share the essence of wellness as a lifestyle rather than a product. It is a rounded perspective on health, and Dacha is helping the consumer to achieve this through our 5 tiered wellness range, each lovingly prepared and uniquely South-African.


Connecting People and Plants

"I love Bush because it speaks to a movement. It is more than a product, it is a lifestyle brand. As Cape Town and the rest of the world evolve to be more and more open to CBD, we have met the market where it is and included the added benefit of local raw South African ingredients, making it truly unique, competitive, and something I include into my self-care routine daily."


Why Bush?

What makes us unique?

Bush has a deep love and passion for Nature & her healing powers- This is why we have created our products to provide optimum benefits for those who live the Bush lifestyle.


This is for the active humans who choose the best for their skin, bodies, and wellbeing. For this reason, we have chosen a very high-grade CBD to add to all of our products and a lot of it! 

We also pride ourselves in being proudly South African, inspiring the Rooibos infusion into our products.


Being such a powerful antioxidant, it's hard to not love everything about Rooibos - bothas a tea as well as in a topical application. 

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