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Scrub With Love 

Bush Body Scrub is the perfect addition to your cupboard. Loaded with Vitamin E and apricot, it removes toxins from your skin while remaining light and fluffy.


 Use this before a bath with a light loofah or sea sponge, followed by Bush Body Butter. Best results show when used weekly. 

Our  Body Scrub has the best quality CBD oil at

60 mg per product. 

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More about our Body Scrub

Bush Body Scrub is best used in conjunction with the Body Butter. The ultimate bath time partner, it is gentle yet effective. The inclusion of Apricot in our scrub helps to unlock pores, exfoliate your body and even out bumps.

Bush Body Scrub is considered a luxury, but to us, it's a necessity. Every body should be feeling their best and living their best life.

Stock this in your store or become a sales agent.

We are always looking for new ways to grow our business and this industry. Together we can make a difference

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