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Bush Gratitude Journal

🖋️ Today, I am grateful for...

If you've ever sat and thought about this, you'll learn two things:

🌿 Once you start writing about what you're grateful for, you suddenly find yourself unable to stop - because there really is so much! Everything from your warm bed, your favourite tea & the way your partner looks at you. No thing is too small to write down, because it ALL matters.

🌿Second, you will find a shift in your energy after you are done. There is a warmth in your heart that you didn't recognise before. The small act of gratitude has the ability to completely change your energy, resulting in a change in the way you interact with and perceive the world.

Bush Gratitude Journals were created in a effort to raise awareness of the impact this small act of self-love has on your day-to-day life. Everything becomes so much more profound when you start appreciating the things you have. In fact, when you show this appreciation, you will notice how this grows and grows... And so does your love for this gift of life. 🤍🤍🤍

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