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Bush Wellness Sample Pack!

Have you ever been curious about our products, but feel unsure about your investment? We understand - That's why we've created (Drum roll please....)

Bush Wellness Sample Packs! You get a sample of each one of our 5 products so that you have the best of it all. Each sample pack contains:

  • 50g Body Butter

  • 50g Body Scrub

  • 30ml Tissue Oil

  • 30ml Personal Lubricant

  • A full size Bush Wellness Lip Balm

The exact same product, just in fun-size sample sizes for you to test and fall in love with each and every product.


Our Promise

With our sample packs providing you with a taste of the real deal, we promise to deliver consistent high quality products through all the different avenues and types of product we offer. If you are unhappy with your product quality at any stage, please do feel free to reach out to us so that we can rectify. You can connect with us at 

Stock this in your store or become a sales agent.

We are always looking for new ways to grow our business and this industry. Together we can make a difference

+27 87 822 2305

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