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  • Will it make me high?
    No, it will not make you high. Of the various compounds within the cannabis plant, CBD contains zero psychoactive qualities. Unlike THC, which is the property responsible for the elated feeling one gets & is used to treat severe pain, CBD contains the healing benefits without the change in consciousness.
  • Why CBD?
    Our bodies are built with a system that is a natural receptor to CBD. Our Endocannabinoid system is made up on enzymes and receptors which recognises the healing qualities of CBD & takes the nutrients tot the parts of our bodies that needs it most. You can check out our blog post on CBD for more information, tips and tricks.
  • Pure CBD or Broad Spectrum CBD? Which should I be using, and what’s the difference?
    Because each human is so unique, so are our needs. To understand what you need, you should first be able to understand what each means: Pure CBD: It may seem self-explanatory, but this is indeed pure 99.9% CBD and absolutely 0% THC. This CBD has undergone an extraction process in which every other element is removed, including the plant matter, the terpenes, waxes, oils and any additional cannabinoids. Broad Spectrum CBD: While the processing is similar by removing all the traces of THC, Broad Spectrum CBD retains all the cannabinoids, the terpenes and flavonoids. If you’re wanting the organic nature to be retained, this is often the product you’d opt for in order to make use of the natural features of the plant. So, where does that leave us? While you should always be aware of what exactly you’re using it for, generally the broad spectrum is preferred, as it retains the natural qualities people look for when they want to make use of the plant’s benefits.
  • How do we know your CBD is good quality?
    Good question! Here are the Lab Results for our CBD Isolate we use in our entire Bush Wellness Range.
  • What makes Bush unique?
    Bush is passionate about people, nature and health. That is why we've gone above and beyond to source the highest quality CBD we could get our hands on. We've combined this with natural ingredients such as Rooibos, Almond Oil and Grape Seed Oil to provide you with an experience that feels like luxury & that is still reasonable on your wallet. You're welcome. xx
  • Why CBD for your skin?
    The more studies that are conducted, the more we are able to understand around the many wonders of CBD. Yes, it can relax you, destress you and it can help you sleep. But studies have proven that this magical plant also helps your skin through: Alleviation from redness, irritation, blotchiness and scarring. Reducing acne - CBD helps prevent the over-production of sebum, which is what makes our skin oily and break out Fighting free radicals Preventing signs of aging ... and the more we find out, the better it gets! So, why not have CBD part of your skincare routine??
  • Why put CBD in a Personal Lubricant?
    Sex health is extremely important. Education around sex health is even more important. The concept of safe sex is discussed widely, which is great. But what about conversations around challenges in the bedroom? Did you know that 1 in 10 women struggle with intimacy anxiety? This is a thing, and it not only kills sex drive, but it also makes it very uncomfortable for women to openly speak about. because CBD is a natural muscle relaxer, women have been reaping the benefit & the feedback has been phenomenal. Women going through menopause have also benefitted from our intimate lube - CBD is also a natural anti-inflammatory and pain relief, which solves a few other challenges that are regularly faced in the bedroom. Let's add that to the general sensational feeling that comes along with our lubricant, and you'll be wondering why you didn't have a bottle in your side table drawer ages ago already.
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